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Dental Implants are a procedure of placing the screw over the jaw bone. The screw is usually of Titanium or Zirconium finishing. This medical procedure is now a highly advanced piece of medicine. This treatment was initially considered to be the marvel from the west.

However now thanks to ADS Dental Hospital at Ameerpet this treatment is available in India too. Dr.Sudheer Chowdhary is the head dental surgeon here. He is the best dental implantologist in Hyderabad, specialized in Dental Implants. He trained in Manipal and Germany under Prof Dr.H.C Hertel(Germany), Prof Dr.Nutwig(Germany) placed 9000 plus implants since 2003 with a success rate close to 99%. Dental Implants in Hyderabad is famous at ADS Dental Hospital.

Dr.Sudheer Chowdhary has done 5000 plus smile designing cases and 10,000 plus laser treatment for bad breath treatment, laser gum surgery, laser teeth whitening treatment. This procedure is painless. Close to 100% lifetime replacement guaranty will be given for implants. First, an oral impression of your mouth is taken. Then based on the diagnosis they place the screw over the jawbone. Oral anesthesia will be administered during this time so that the patient does not feel an ounce of pain

There are a couple of factors that need to be taken care of once the Dental Implant is done. Extremely hot or cold foods should not be consumed once the dental implant is done. Also, one must gently brush or floss the teeth. A soft-bristled toothbrush will do wonders for the patient. Also, some eating habits must be changed. Drinking too much carbonated and caffeinated beverages can spoil the glitter of your teeth. Also, tobacco chewing and smoking should be cut down because these might hamper dental implant treatment. Zygomatic teeth implants are done on the cheekbones. A specially designed dental implant is done on the cheekbone.

The Dental lab here ensures that this cost-effective surgery is done with acute care. The dental lab with the latest state of art facility ensures that this surgical operation is done at the most affordable prices. Dr.Sudheer Chowdhary aims to bring high-quality dental care for the welfare of the patients. Regular followup with doctors is advisable because it guarantees total comfort to the patient. Also, the facility is administered to the patient in the least number of sittings. Good eating habits will go a long way in the restoration of good dental implants. Also gargling with lukewarm salted water will help patients to nullify the bacteria accumulating in the mouth.

Improper brushing and flossing can lead to the development of tar and plaque which will lead to bad breath, teeth pigmentation, etc.

ADS Dental Hospital is equipped with the best root canal treatment doctors and root canal surgeons who perform advanced painless root canal treatment in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

ADS Dental, the best smile design clinic provides advanced digital smile designing treatment in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Dental implants - low cost implants -12,000/- 15000/- each , European brands-20,000/- 25000/- each. Biohorizon -30,000/- each , noble biocare-40,000/- each

The Dental Implant Cost in Hyderabad is the most reasonable here at ADS Dental Hospital. The best dental implant clinic in Hyderabad is here. Dr.Sudheer Chowdhary is the best teeth implant dentist near me.ADS Dental Hospital has the best implantologist in Hyderabad. Best dental implants near me are here. Full mouth dental implants cost near me is the most reasonable here.

Dr.Sudheer Chowdhary had done almost 9000 plus cases related to dental implants. He has treated many patients from India and abroad. Their satisfaction levels have been very high. This procedure has absolutely no side effects. This procedure is advisable in the long run.

  1. If you have lost a tooth (or) teeth in a mishap (or) accident, don’t worry!
  2. Dr. Sudheer Chowdary will restore your smile with almost natural looking and working dental implants.
  3. Despite the fact that some of the people have lost too much of bone for dental implants Dr. Sudheer Chowdary has successfully performed dental implants treatment for them and restored their smiles and confidence.
  4. Placed thousands of implants & hundreds of full mouth replacement cases.

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