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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is fast gaining momentum in the dental field. This process involves focusing a laser beam through an optical fiber over the teeth and gums. Usually, this method is a far safer and more innovative way of dealing with dental problems.

There are many scenarios like bleeding gums, stained gums, stained teeth, etc that people tend to suffer from. Hence a process like Laser dentistry is being used to restore good gums and teeth. Gum bleeding can also be stopped with the proper application of Laser Dentistry. Laser Dentistry is considered to be a marvel in the dental arena field. Laser dentistry will kill the bacteria cropping up inside your mouth. There are many benefits offered by laser dentistry and smile designing treatment in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Laser dentistry in Hyderabad is the best at ADS Dental Hospital. Laser bad breath treatment is also offered here. The bacteria gets killed, this process is completely painless.

Benefits Of Laser Treatments

Laser treatment has several benefits. In most instances, it can be carried out without the need for anaesthesia. There is also markedly less bleeding and swelling. Decreased bleeding is due to the ability of the laser to assist in forming a fibrin clot. This eliminates the need for placing sutures (stitches) and wounds heal faster. And there’s more. Lasers kill the harmful bacteria and sterilize the working area thereby reducing the need for antibiotics.

The laser energy from dental lasers is delivered through an optical fibre. The fibre is continuously moved along the infected area to burn the infected tissues.

Two types of laser beams are used in the treatment. The Nd : YAG is used on the soft tissues like gums and ‘Erbium on the hard tissues like bone and tooth. The number of sittings and timings depend on the severity of the cases.

When the food particles are not cleaned properly even after brushing they struck around and below the gums which leads to the formation of plague after 24 hours and this plague later gets converted in to tartar after 4-5 days. This tartar gets deposited around and below the gums leading to the infection of gum. This infection in later stages comes bone loss below the gums. ADS Dental offers the best braces treatment in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Because gum disease is not painful and hence patients neglect it till the damage is caused

  1. If there is Bleeding from the gums, this is an acute phase and once it becomes chronic Bleeding will stop and the disease becomes serious.
  2. If there is bad breathe from the mouth it is because of the gum infection.
  3. Swollen gums.
  4. Frequent food impaction below the gums and between the teeth after taking non-veg or corns or coconut. (Note : Those who are using TOOTH PICK after meal should be cautious that they have a gum problem).
  5. Even after the above all said symptoms if you don’t recognize the problem it leads to pain while chewing hard food and finally one by one the tooth becomes mobie.

Laser Deep Cleaning

If patient comes with less than 25% of gum infection and bone loss we do laser deep cleaning

Laser Gum Surgery

If the gum infection and bone loss of 25-50% or even upto 60% we do laser gum surgery to remove total infection.


There are different types of bone grafts available. Example

How does it works

How this works is that a laser with a rather small amount of energy is directed with great precision at the disease portions of the gum. The laser then removes the tissue which is diseased, thus eliminating infection. This whole process is done without any type of incision. This is so because the laser immediately cauterizes (use of heat to close an area to prevent or stop bleeding) the wound, resulting in little to no bleeding. The use of the laser is so effective that the patient only experiences minor discomfort making anesthesia unnecessary


Since laser gum surgery is so effective the recovery time is less than 24 hours where traditional gum surgery requires 2-4 weeks of recovery time. In fact the lasers for this surgical use where created by dentists and receive extensive clinical trials before receiving Federal Drug Administration approval

Unique Advantages
  1. Minimum Pain
  2. Minimum Bleeding
  3. Fast recovery, No side effects
  4. Unrivalled laser drilling speeds
  5. Higher precision and selectiveness
  6. Quicker and simpler procedures
  7. Greater patient comfort and satisfaction
  8. Unlimited dental and aesthetic treatment options
  9. Unmatched treatment management options
  10. Automatic Sterilization

Usually, there will be minimal bleeding or no bleeding at all during the laser dentistry procedure. Laser dentistry in Hyderabad at ADS Dental Hospital offers the optimum services at the most reasonable prices.

Usually, it won't be painful at all. Local anesthesia will be administered so that the patient can be completely carefree about the medical procedure.

This process has absolutely no side effects. Also, there is not an ounce of pain encountered.

Usually, it is better to have soft foods. Soft foods that are easy on chewing can be used. It is advisable to avoid hard foods and excessive intake of beverages like tea and coffee must be avoided.

Laser Dentistry in Hyderabad offered at ADS Dental Hospital is the most reasonable without any side effects over here. Laser dental treatment in Hyderabad is the best offered here.

Laser dentistry in Hyderabad is the most sound treatment offered here. Laser dental treatment in Hyderabad is the most reasonable and advanced here. The Hitech labs with sound imaging equipment are proof of that.

  1. Laser teeth whitening-10,000/- 15000/-
  2. Laser deep cleaning -10,000/-
  3. Laser gum surgery - mild 12600/-, moderate-16000/- severe-20,000/- 25,000/-

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