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These are some practical actions you can take to prevent yourself from bad breath. Also, there are also some highly effective and easily available home remedies to prevent yourself from bad breath. These can be done sitting at home and at your absolute convenience. There are ways by which you can totally avoid an expensive treatment and completely get rid of bad breath. Following some home remedies will enable you to not only choose an inexpensive option but also use items that are easily available. They are:

  1. Usage of Parsley as a dietary supplement or chewing on fresh leaves after every meal is known to cure bad breath like magic. It leaves a great fragrance in your mouth and they combat foul sulfur compounds leaving the mouth fresh and bacteria-free.
  2. Drinking pineapple juice or chewing pineapple slices or rinsing your mouth with pineapple juice is found to be the fastest and the most effective remedy for bad breath. There is no scientific evidence of how it cures but most people believe it does and it certainly works. 
  3. Drinking lots of water keeps you away from mouth dryness and helps release saliva in the mouth, keeping your mouth clean. Devoid of saliva, bacteria thrive. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is advisable to avoid bad breath.
  4. Having yogurt can also help combat bad breath as it contains a healthy bacteria called lactobacillus that fights against bad bacteria. Severe conditions can be reduced as yogurt contains probiotics that are known to prove highly effective in curing. At least one serving of plain non-fat yogurt per day is advisable to fight bad breath. 
  5. Milk is proven to be effective in curing the bad breath caused after having garlic and onion. Just a glass of low-fat milk is advisable after having such foods.
  6. Green tea is another magic remedy for bad breath since it has disinfectant and deodorizing properties that help you keep your mouth fresh. It acts as an ideal breath freshener. Brew a large cup of green tea and sip on it whenever during the whole day.

These are the benefits of home remedies that help you keep your mouth fresh and bacteria-free. Although, the importance of being evaluated/diagnosed and treated by a qualified dental practice, is important to eliminate bad breath. This is where we come in to help you as one of the best dental hospitals in Hyderabad. Contact us and book an appointment and get rid of your bad breath.

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