Brush your teeth, crush your cavity

Dental Hygiene is crucial for one and all. When it comes to our teeth we sometimes tend to neglect the oral hygiene aspect due to our fastpaced lifestyle.

Brush your teeth, crush your cavity is a catchy adage, isn’t it?

Nowadays because of the busy chores in life, we tend to ignore dental health. Kids, Teenagers, Adults all tend to do less of brushing.

Can cavities be prevented? Some handy precautions to be taken at home

How to take care of your teeth the right way? 

A good toothpaste like Sensodyne, Theromseal will do magic.

Tongue cleaner should also be used regularly.

This will remove the excess mucous on the tongue.

Also, you must oscillate brush such that it tends to touch all corners of the teeth.

Also, don’t do rough brushing. Do it gently.

How to take care of your toothbrush?

How to select a good toothpaste?

Use a toothpaste containing ACTIVE SALTS. When there are so many brands available in the market it becomes a bit cumbersome to zero in on right toothpaste. You can also follow your dentist’s advice for the right toothpaste. Also, go for a dental checkup for every 2-3 months so that good dental condition is restored. Sometimes you might have cavities even after brushing, in that case, you must consult a dentist. A professional dentist will resolve your pains in the least number of sittings.

 Classification of Tooth Brushing Techniques:

The following are the categories of tooth brushing techniques depending on the movement and motion:

  1. The Bass or sulcus cleaning method
  2. Modified bass technique
  3. Modified Stillman’s technique
  4. Fones or circular or scrub method
  5. Vertical or Leonard’s method
  6. Charter’s method
  7. Scrub brush method
  8. The roll technique
  9. Physiologic or smith method

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