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Brush your teeth, crush your cavity

Brush your teeth, crush your cavity Dental Hygiene is crucial for one and all. When it comes to our teeth we sometimes tend to neglect the oral hygiene aspect due…

What is the cost of teeth replacement in India ?

What is teeth replacement treatment? Fake teeth or false teeth are the swaps for missing teeth and their encompassing tissues which are removable. There are two kinds of false teeth…

What is wisdom tooth and what are the common symptoms to get wisdom tooth ?

What is a wisdom tooth? The wisdom tooth usually erupts at the age of 17 to 24 years. There are usually two teeth up and two teeth down. Usually, they…

Home remedies to get rid of Bad Breath

These are some practical actions you can take to prevent yourself from bad breath. Also, there are also some highly effective and easily available home remedies to prevent yourself from…
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