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“A big smile gives confidence to you”

For a beautiful smile, beautiful teeth are necessary.

For beautiful teeth, an experienced dentist is necessary for improper teeth.

For experienced doctors, Ameerpet Dental specialties hospital is here in Hyderabad for you.

Ameerpet dental specialties have equipped lab with experienced dentists.

We serve you for your teeth problems like

a toothache, stained teeth, cavities, chipped tooth, impacted tooth, cracked tooth, sensitive to cold, too many tooth hypodontia, crooked tooth, a gap between tooth, Gum problems etc..

Our specialties are :

Implant dentistry:

“Chew like  your children or grand children”

 we provide the dental implantation for any age group for any mishap with personal care to each and every patient by using high technology and experienced dentists. We replace fixed teeth with implants in one week. Total fixed teeth increase lifespan and quality of life.

Painless Root Canal Treatment:

We provide painless root canal treatment within less time, for first sitting, it only takes 20-30 minutes. In the second sitting, it takes 15 minutes for dressing. So you never feel like a treatment. It is like an interaction with a dentist.

Laser Gum Colour Change:

Do you ever think about the colour change of your gum?

Yes, It is possible.

You can change your gum colour and get rid of dark pigmentation with laser technology. Don’t worry It will serve by experienced dentists and in the meantime.

These are some of our specialties only. we have many services to provide the beautiful smile to you.

come to ADS and get bright and wider smile.

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