What is a wisdom tooth?

The wisdom tooth usually erupts at the age of 17 to 24 years. There are usually two teeth up and two teeth down. Usually, they are the last to come in our mouth hence they are called wisdom teeth.

What are the symptoms to get wisdom tooth?

There are a few symptoms that people get when people get wisdom teeth. Few are listed down as below:

1. Pericoronitis

Sometimes due to unhygienic eating habits, food particles get accumulate over the teeth and the jawbones. This condition is called pericoronitis. There will be an inflammation of the soft gum tissues.

2. Mouth Ulcers

There can also be mouth ulcers. Ulcers or cysts might get developed on the gums.

3. Bad Breath

Some people might complain of bad breath. This can also harm dental hygiene.

4. Harsh Throat ad Nausea

Some people might encounter hard throat or nausea. As wisdom tooth emerges people might face severe rashness in the throat.

5. Migraine and Headache

Some people might develop migraines and headaches. This will affect their sleeping cycle too. Sleep will get disturbed for a few people.  As ear, nose, and throat are closely related to the pains in the tooth will severely affect these related organs. Sometimes it might lead to ear imbalance issues too. Sometimes teeth infections can lead to Vertigo. This might lead to dizziness.

6. Pain in gums and jaws

Some people might complain of pain in gums and jaws. There can be redness on gums.

7. Difficulty in swallowing food

Some people might face difficulty in swallowing food. While consuming food it might affect their gums and teeth.

8. Discharge

Also, there can be some discharge from teeth and gums. The conjunction point can cause some fluid discharge.

9. Swelling in mouth

There can be swelling in the mouth. Cheeks might swell if there is any sort of irritation in the mouth.

10. Fever

Some people might face weakness due to fever. If oral hygiene is affected or if the wisdom tooth is emerging then some people might face fever. They might also complain about body pains.

General Remedies for wisdom tooth pain:

1. Pain Reliever Medicine

People might need to take painkillers to get relief from the pain. If the pain is uncontrollable then people might need to consult a dentist. They need to take medication as per the advice of the dentist. Self-medication should be prevented.

Medication as per your whims and fancies must be avoided. Please do religiously consult your dentists and follow his/her medicines.

2. Applying IceCube

Applying ice cubes on the affected area can curb the pain.

This will help to numb the pain on the tooth and gums surrounding the tooth.

3. Rinsing with salted lukewarm water

Always make it a point to gargle with lukewarm salted water. This will always help in combating the bacteria accumulating in the moth. Usually, food particles get accumulated in the mouth leading to bad breath. Salt has immense power to defeat the bacteria cropping up in the mouth.

Also if possible mix a teaspoon of turmeric in water and drink it. This will always serve as antisceptic. They have great antibacterial properties. Turmeric will cleanse any cavities or bacteria in the mouth and help in deworming.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Symptoms:

  1. The complicated growth of wisdom teeth leads to the growth of cysts.
  2. Contamination might cause tooth torment, jaw agony, and sickness.
  3. Oral diseases will enter the circulatory system and influence the whole body

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