Have you ever been to a party where you go to a kid but they start crying as soon as you get close to them? Have you ever been on a date where you liked someone but that first kiss did not happen? Have you ever been to your aunt’s where they all talk to you but do not get too close and you can sense something wrong? Then the answer to all these problems is Bad Breath.

Yes, you may love kids but the important thing is that the baby should like you. You could have gotten lucky on that date if you had a good breath, probably. Your aunt would be delighted if you smell good on the next visit and probably offer you more snacks. The magic of good breath can do wonders for you.

Bad breath, known as Halitosis in the medical profession, is caused by poor hygiene, bad dental habits, and other dental negligence. It gets worse unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

The choice of food you take contributes to your bad breath. You ask how? It is as general as it can be. The food you eat starts to break down in your mouth. The strong odors of vegetables such as garlic and onion do not go away easily. Flossing and brushing your teeth does not help either. The bad odor stays with you till the food has processed and passed out from your body.

It is important for you to brush your teeth every day so the food particles do not get stuck to your teeth. If you do not brush your teeth everyday then the food particles stuck promote bacterial growth around the gums and on the tongue. Along with brushing your teeth, you can also use an antibacterial mouthwash to reduce the germs in your mouth.

Not only food but also unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco-based products also cause bad breath. These habits are not only harmful to your gums but also dangerous for your health. These habits have hazardous effects on your organs and not just teeth and mouth. So, we suggest you stop them immediately and get a final treatment so you can remove the bad habits and bad breath for life.

The health problems associated with bad breath are a bad taste in the mouth, gum diseases, yeast infections, and dental cavities. Other dental diseases can also be caused by the use of poorly fitting dental appliances. Also, if these problems are not treated fast then they could damage your gums and jawbone.

There is another medical condition known as Dry Mouth (medical term- xerostomia) which can also cause you to have bad breath. Saliva is necessary to keep your mouth moist. It neutralizes acids formed by plaque and washes away the dead cells accumulated on tongue, and gums.

Dry mouth can also be considered as a side-effect of various medications, salivary gland problems, or constant mouth breathing.

There are other diseases and illnesses such as various respiratory tract infections that contribute to bad breath. Some of the top respiratory tract infections are- chronic sinus infections, kidney or liver problems, pneumonia, diabetes, and postnasal drip.

Getting rid of bad breath is easy and the solution only takes one session with our specialized doctors. Say bye to the bad breath of loneliness and hi to dates, family and friends with an attractive breath. So, visit us now at Ameerpet.