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There are many causes for your teeth to become yellow. Some of them are:

Food items: As much as citrus and acidic foods are known to clean the teeth, they are the reason for the discoloration of teeth as well. The vitamin C present in these food items promotes erosion of the enamel of the teeth giving a yellow tinge to the teeth. By having a sweet tooth you might want to satisfy your cravings but it is surely not good to have a great set of white teeth. The sugar present in desserts and sweets may not only cause cavities but also erodes your teeth’ enamel making them yellow. Some of the highly marketed items such as coffee and soda not only make the teeth highly sensitive by exposing the enamel but also causes staining on the teeth which can be seen as a yellow tinge on the teeth. Berries are another food item that can cause the yellowness. Berries like pomegranate, strawberries, and blueberries because of their high pigmentation have a high chance of making the teeth yellow. Some foods such as red wine contain tannins that can potentially cause yellow teeth. Also, any highly pigmented foods can easily cause staining of teeth which in the long run can lead to yellow teeth.

Lifestyle reasons: In today’s busy life people often forget to brush their teeth. Not brushing teeth at night specifically may lead to yellowness in teeth often leading to plaque development. Smoking and chewing tobacco are another reason for yellowness in teeth. They also lower the quality of your teeth and the stains tend to be very rigid. Tobacco contains chemicals such as tar and nicotine that makes the teeth to become yellow. Grinding the tooth when one is stressed is another unconscious habit that most people possess especially while asleep. This weakens the tooth and turns the color of the tooth into yellow.

Treatment side-effects: There are many medications which upon taking could lead to yellow teeth. Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer that uses harmful radiations that cause yellowness of teeth. In this case, the discoloration is more of a brownish color. Certain antibiotics such as antihistamines, some antipsychotic drugs, blood pressure medications and tetracycline taken by women during pregnancy also cause yellowness in teeth. Flouride which is beneficial in strengthening the enamel and preventing decay cause yellow teeth too. Contrary to what is expected even some dental treatments tend to impart yellow teeth.

Genetics and aging: It is also possible that the yellowness of teeth is inherited by forefathers. Some people are naturally born with whiter teeth due to thicker enamel as compared to those that have a thinner enamel with natural yellowish dentin. Aging is also another factor that causes yellow teeth. As a person ages, the enamel becomes thinner and thinner showing the natural yellow color of the teeth through.

Trauma: Any traumatic accidents during childhood can also lead to discoloration of the tooth due to the disturbance of enamel formation.

Knowing these causes will alert you from preventing yourself from yellow teeth. But you must be wondering how to treat yourself when you have yellow teeth. Here are some home remedies that you can always go for if you do not have the time and money to visit a dentist.

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