Anitha: Hello

Swetha: hi, why are you closing your mouth while smiling?

Anitha: Haa, I have cavities in my teeth and are in yellow colour. So, I got embarrassed to show my teeth.

Swetha: Are yar, why are you worrying about it. To get rid off yellow teeth, just go to Ameerpet dental specialities. They will provide you with the best whitening services along with fillings for your decayed teeth.

Anitha came to ADS& was impressed with the hospitality she received. She was then guided for consultation by Dr Sudheer. He examined & explained to her that she has to undergo for fillings for the decayed teeth.

Tooth decay is a very common dental problem with which patients present in a dental office. It is very common for young children as well as adults. If the decay is discovered early while the cavity is still limited to enamel, the solution is also very simple -dental filling. It simply involves cleaning or removal of the decayed tooth structure and replacement by the filling material.

Earlier the filling material used was silver. However, due to its colour and the fact that silver is mixed with mercury which is a potential health hazard, silver fillings have now been discontinued. The newer fillings which are now popular are called composite fillings. These are tooth coloured so match the colour of the tooth. Moreover, they bond perfectly with the structure thereby increasing the tooth strength. Another advantage of these fillings is that they are instant setting fillings. So one can eat/drink immediately after the procedure. In contrast, silver fillings had a set time of 8 hrs which needed eating and drinking restrictions. Filling material used for kids is loaded with a high fluoride content which has an anti-cavity effect on the remaining tooth structure.

Dental cavity filling is a simple procedure and in routine cases does not even need anaesthesia. The decay is excavated either using a very speed drill or by hand instruments or by both. The tooth is then thoroughly washed and cleaned and dried and prepared for filling. The filling is placed, made to set, and finished and polished.

We at Ameerpet dental specialities provide tooth filling services for all age groups. We strictly avoid using silver fillings due to environmental concerns and just use composite fillings as a part of our practice.