Sindhu had always been proud of her smile but, at the age of 23,  on holiday with friends she slipped in  bathroom and it damages her beautiful front teeth. Three of  her four upper incisors were very badly damaged, one being knocked out completely. She was upset.

Initially she was given a denture to replace the missing tooth, and her dentist tried every  possible way to patch up the broken ones. After subsequent months though, her damaged teeth discolored and her gums were receded. She found the denture acutely embarrassing too, and she stopped smiling at all.

One day her best friend came to her home. Sindhu shared a problem with her friend. Fortunately, her best friend’s mother had received the treatment  at Ameerpet     Dental Specilitates, Hyderabad and sure we could help sindhu’s situation.

Sindhu went to Ameerpet Dental Specilities, she consulted Dr. Sudheer Chowdary. He explained about the dental implants.

Dental implants are nothing but an artificial tooth root made from titanium metal post. The implant is inserted into the bone of the jaw under the gums, where it acts as foundation for an artificial tooth, we called it as Crown, to be permanently attached with a dental cement. By using dental implant we can replace single or            multiple or all the teeth of the jaw depending upon the patient’s situation. Once the dental implants or crowns are placed, its works like a natural tooth. People with     dental implants can eat essentially anything like that someone with natural teeth can eat. There is no dietary restrictions.

Dental implants are permanent and can be cleaned easily with brushing and can last  a life time, meaning less cost for maintenance for future. The chewing ability   with these teeth is comparable to the natural teeth.

We at Ameerpet Dental Specialties, in  Hyderabad, have been wholeheartedly engaged in practicing implant dentistry for more than 12  years now. We have treated     50000+ dental patients successfully. We have refined our skill, learned from our mistakes and improved our skill with every case to become the Dental implant           experts in the field.

If you or any of your family member have single or multiple missing teeth and desire dental implant treatment to improve the cosmetics and chewing

function, do visit us.

Now sindhu took the dental implants and she proud about her smile again.