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COVID- 19 is a global pandemic that has affected our entire nation and many superpowers like America, China, etc. Hence in this crisis-like situation, it becomes all the bigger turmoil to maintain good health and immunity to fight this deadly disease. Our health and immunity become a pertinent question to one and all. How will one take effective steps being at home to boost our immunity and mental health?

Listed below are a few points that will go along way in building good stamina for our healthy body and mind.

1. Include a lot of veggies in your diet:

As you are in the sweeter confines of your Home sweet home you can try experimenting dishes made of Spinach, Cabbage, Broccoli. These are just a few. However leafy vegetables go a long way in building resilience. While making curries include coriander leaves, curry leaves. These help a lot in cleansing blood and increasing body immunity

2. Try Yogurt

Yogurt is a great soother and is probiotic-rich. Mix it nicely with your rice and eat it nicely.

If you don’t like that way Mix little yogurt, Add little sugar and have it with small crushed ice cubes. Our dear Punjabi friends call it Lassi. This is also very tasty. There are many variations to this too. This was just a small tip.

3. Plenty of Fruit Intake:

Include a lot of fruits in your diet like Apples, Oranges, Pomegranates. These are all Vitamin C rich fruits. They will help in rebuilding your stamina. Telugu families are see garnishing curd rice with pomegranate seeds. This makes food colorful.

4. Make exercises a part and parcel of your daily routine:

Perform exercises like Yoga will help you distress. This is a way to curb your stress levels.

5. Have a small farm in your courtyard:

If you have space to do small gardening you can try small gardening at your home growing your own fruits of labor. Aubergine also knows our desi brinjal, tomatoes can be grown in your small farm.

6. Discard sedentary lifestyle:

You can do all home chores by yourself if you have the energy and stamina to do so. Avoid keeping maids and servants unless needed. Because this will help you and your body. Your mind and body will be busy. Negative thoughts won’t disturb you. You will always be hale and heart around.

7. Food Intake at multiple times during the day:

Take food in small quantities at more frequent intervals. This will be an added boon for you.

8. Try to stay away from Obesity:

Obese people need to cooperate more on home chores. If you bend or stretch while brooming or sweeping this will energize your muscles. You will seat. Your calories will be burnt even without you hitting the gym. This is a double whammy. Your money will be saved, Your exercises will get done, and your parents near and dear will be happy that you are proactive on the homefront.

For people who like hitting the gym then they can use a dumbbell, walk on treadmills, do cardio, pushups, etc. All these can be advised and done based on the advice of your gym instructor.

9. Be helpful to your neighbors:

Being helpful, kind, and compassionate to your neighbors will help you build positive energy around.

10. Include all vegetables:

Don’t surround yourself with restrictions and don’t be fussy and choosy about food. All vegetables have some of the other nutrients in them so be broadminded and start incorporating all vegetables in your diet. This will help you explore different nutritious vegetables. You can have many curries spanning different geographies.

11. Imbibe Pranayama in your exercise schedule:

Do pranayama, Surya Namaskar daily as per your body cooperation. This will be very good for your body, mind, and soul.

12. Have sufficient sleep:

For elderly sleep is required. We might laugh it off saying sleep is for lazy people. However, a sufficient amount of sleep is also required to keep your mind cool.

13. Morning tips to cut down obesity:

Another advice from our elderly is to mix one teaspoon honey to one glass of warm water. Add lemon juice to it and drink. This is a very good tip to cut don weight. This has to be done on an empty stomach.

14. Stay Hydrated to beat health blues:

Last but not least drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated. This will help to defeat all urinary infections. Blood will also be purified.

15. Nonveg food to satiate your hunger pangs:

If you have carving or nonveg food. Try meat like fish, chicken, meat however please see to it that you buy them from a good authorized vendor.

Chicken soup, chicken, and mutton curry are also required for good body stamina.

16. Small home remedies for elderly members in our families:

For elderly folks, they can have vitamin tablets like because as per doctors’ advice.

Also, B Protein or Proteinx are protein-rich powders that be mixed the lukewarm milk and can be drunk to restore your energy levels.

17. Dry Fruits to restore your energy levels:

You can also binge in on dry fruits like Pista, Cashew, Anjeer, Kismis(Resins) to build body immunity. Usually, people jokingly say that this is the food of terrorists.

18. Dance like no one is watching you:

You can also beat stress through meditation, aerobics.

You can include dance if you know dance forms like westernized dance or classical. It helps in releasing your stored energy and expressing yourself. These might seem trivial or funny.

19. Laugh like this is your last laugh:

This method can be done once it is safe to go to the park. Whenever you venture out please do wear a mask. Just go to a park, meet your friends with masks on and try laughter therapy. You must make it a point to wear your hand gloves too for added protection. Just clap and giggle on any joke. This might sound eccentric but this is also a good way for releasing your tensions

Avoid drinking carbonated and caffeinated beverages. This will help restore your body immunity. Usually, if you take our homemade chai and coffee it will reduce your sleep levels too. Reduce its count. Carbonated and caffeinated beverages can ruin your oral hygiene too.

One must indeed be abreast of current affairs. But continuous tabloid news regarding the fatal deaths can be too much for sensitive soft-spoken souls. So try to hear less of such news. It might take a toll on your health.

Avoid tobacco chewing, smoking, drinking alcohol. All these vices will hamper your health. So take a strong pledge to stay away from these bad habits.


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