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Your white and bright teeth are now turning dull and stained? Do not worry so much, it can happen to any of us. It actually does happen to most of us. There are many reasons why it can happen. Smile away because you do not have to stop smiling and showing off your teeth because of its dullness.

This is where you visit a dentist and get the tooth whitening procedure done to restore your earlier self or even brighter than before. But the question to be kept in mind is the options you have, the time you can spend, and the cost of tooth whitening for you, by you.

One of the prominent factors that affect tooth brightness is aging. As you age, your outer layer gets thinner and the dark layer beneath it starts to show. There are other unnatural factors such as drinking, smoking, medication and poor oral hygiene.

Bright teeth give you a positive smile and that in turn boosts your confidence because you feel good about yourself. And the first thing we want is to feel good about ourselves in every possible way, which is a given. It can also be called, “It’s the number one aesthetic concern of my patients”, as stated by Melissa Ing, DMD, associate professor of prosthodontics at the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Cost of tooth whitening

The cost of tooth whitening may vary from place to place and from dentist to dentist. It depends on various factors such as

The number of sessions required for tooth brightening depends on how bright or dark your teeth are. If your teeth are bright enough then you may require only on session.

The area you choose or live in may also decide the cost of tooth whitening. Different areas have various kinds of dentists using different dentistry appliances. So, make sure that you choose the right one for you.

The sensitivity of your teeth also carries the weight of the amount you have to pay for tooth whitening. Depending on the sensitivity, the products for your treatment will be chosen. So, book an appointment to consult with one of the best dentists in Hyderabad about your sensitivity.

The caliber and experience of the dentist you choose also decides the fate of the amount you might have to pay for teeth whitening. Thus, it keeps changing from dentist to dentist.

At-home system

There are at-home systems in which you can try to brighten your teeth. But to use those systems, you should first consult with your dentist for right instructions. The instructions will help you achieve your goals, not overdo and underdo so you can perform the procedure just right.

The costing of this system is again different from dentist to dentist and the products you want to use. The sensitivity related products depend on your sensitivity and the results you desire.

Get your teeth evaluated by your doctor so they can suggest the best products and average cost of tooth whitening.

In-office system

This procedure is performed by the dentist on you to get the desired results finalized by you and the dentist. The process is the same except you do not have to work on your teeth by yourself. The consultation with the dentist will assess everything including sensitivity, level of dullness before the procedure to level of brightness after the procedure.

This will make you look more attractive because no matter what how good you are at something, professionals are always professionals. So, make sure that you get an in-office procedure of teeth whitening instead of trying the at-home system. The average cost of tooth whitening would be somewhere around Rs.4,500- Rs. 5,500/-


So, make your teeth brighter and laugh with open heart showing-off your confidence and feel good about yourself with our affordable and long-lasting procedure. Book an appointment now or visit Ameerpet Dental Specialities.

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