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Grandchildren: Happy birthday granny on your 70th birthday. We love you,  let us celebrate with cake. Blew the candle granny.
Everyone singing the Happy birthday song while granny was blowing the candle her dentures came out. Everyone laughed and granny felt embarrassed.
Next day granny’s friend came to her and showed her permanent implanted teeth.
Granny wondered and asked where did you get this?
Her friend said tooth implants done by Dr.Sudheer Chowdary, in Ameerpet dental specialties. He has 12+ yrs of experience in dental implants.
she suggested granny to go Ameerpet dental specialties hospital for fixed teeth in her old age.
Granny went to Ameerpet dental specialties and received a warm welcome.
Dr. Sudheer Chowdary explained about the dental implants depending on the bone condition.
Dental Implants are a method for fixed tooth/teeth replacement. They can be used to replace single/multiple/all teeth in the jaw depending on the clinical situation. They help to solve the Problem if chewing along with aesthetics.

The advent of Dental Implants has changed the life of millions of people having complete tooth loss and for whom dentures were the only solution. Dentures are removable plus they need to be taken out and cleaned everytime you eat with them. They have to be taken out at night. This is acceptable for patients when at home but when outside they find it very embarrassing to remove and clean dentures in public.

Dental Implants are nothing less than a miracle for these class of patients offering a number of possibilities. The patient can choose for an implant supported dentures and for those who went to get rid of dentures can go in for implant-supported fixed bridges. The chewing ability with these options is comparable to one’s own natural teeth and the patient gets used to them in less time.

We at Ameerpet dental specialties, in  Hyderabad, have been wholeheartedly engaged in practicing implant dentistry for more than 12  years now. We have treated 50000+ dental patients successfully. We have refined our skill, learned from our mistakes and improved our skill with every case to become the Dental implant experts in the field.
If you or any of your family member have single or multiple missing teeth and desire dental implant treatment to improve the cosmetics and chewing function, do visit us.
Ameerpet dental specialties: makes you chew like your grandchildren.
Now Granny took the dental implants and she is happily going to parties.
Do you problem with your dentures?
Come to us we will fix it for you.
Ameerpet dental specialties – Enhance your life with dental implants.
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