Halitosis is medical for the generic meaning of the words: Bad Breath. According to a survey conducted in 2018, about 50- 55 million adults in India have bad breath. This amounts to 3 people in every 10 to have bad breath. The amount is obviously high and bad because 10 members are like a small number in large families.

There are a lot of health cares in India that provide solutions for bad breath but it is also a symptom for many other diseases. It is caused by the most basic habits such as smoking, drinking, mouth-breathing, eating stinky food items, and low-carb diet. There are also some other cases such as strep throat, sinus infection or cold, cavities, and dental appliances.

You can go through many dental treatments and yet suffer bad breath again. This is because of the dental appliances used by the dentists as they vary from place to place. This is the reason why at Ameerpet Dental Specialities, we provide services that last long. Our services and treatments take a short amount of time but give you a smile for longer period of time.

There are many dental clinics in Hyderabad and yet people do not visit because they are not aware of the problems a simple bad breath can cause you. Not only the natural elements such as strep throat or stinky food items but bad breath is also a symptom for bad taste in the mouth, gum diseases, yeast infections, and dental cavities.

There are many signs by which you can say that you have bad breath. You can sense when someone starts to move away from you when you start talking. Yes, it is a sign of bad breath. You can also know that you have bad breath by observing the change in expressions of your loved ones around you. They may not be able to tell you the truth but they cannot stop their facial expressions from sensing.

There are medical conditions that can also cause you to have bad breath. Actually, some medicines can actually give you bad breath. Regular use of those medicines obviously calls for an appointment with your dentist. These conditions include throat infections, nose infection, sinusitis, bronchitis, diabetes, or liver and kidney problems.

You can prevent bad breath by doing some regular works such as,

If you wear dentures then make sure you clean them regularly just like you would clean your natural teeth. You need a separate toothbrush to keep your dentures clean. The food crumbs can get stuck and rot if you leave them and not clean your dentures. You should soak your dentures in the cleaner recommended by your dentist and then brush them again like you would brush your natural teeth. Make sure that you also clean your dentures from everywhere including the surface which fits against your gums.

There are some laser dental treatments too in Hyderabad but they are not reliable as they use lasers which non-organic at so many different levels. So, instead of going for any other treatment, you can visit Ameerpet Dental Specialities or book an appointment at 099896 91114

We are here to remove your bad breath in one session that will last longer than you can imagine. Also, there are many more dental services we provide so your gums can smile too with you.