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Root canal treatment is a commonly performed dental procedure in a dental clinic. It is advised for a patient who has a deep cavity in a tooth or teeth which is highly sensitive to hot or cold drink associated with developing pain. Root canal treatment ensures that even the decayed tooth with a deep cavity can be saved and restored to function.

Basically, the root canal treatment can be performed in three visits. The procedure involves removal of a nerve inside the tooth which is responsible for all the sensation that a tooth has. Space is then cleaned and shaped so as to receive a filling which goes right up to tooth apex.

Root canals are normally perceived by the patient to be associated with a lot of pain and lengthy process. However, with the use of modern technique and equipments like lasers, the root canal treatment can be performed in a single sitting and are totally painless.

Another concern of the patient today is the cost associated with the root canal treatment.  It is of course slightly expensive to save a tooth rather than to extract it. But in long run, the cost of saving a tooth is always less than extracting and replacing it with artificial teeth.

Ameerpet dental specialties at Ameerpet, Hyderabad have dentists who have specialized in performing root canal treatments with lasers. The entire treatment can be done with perfection in a single sitting with no pain and of course at a reasonable cost.

So if you are someone who is scared of getting a dental procedure done(root canal treatment),and is bearing the pain and sensitivity of your tooth, visit us today and experience a painless root canal treatment done with perfection.


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