Best Cosmetic Dentist in Hyderabad

The exposure to the internet and satellite television has brought about a lot of awareness about cosmetics and beauty in the general population. Today a 60-year-old is equally conscious of his/her looks as an 18-year-old. This is also reflected in the rising number of patients presenting for cosmetic plastic surgery and dental procedures. Previously the dental practice […]

Pain less tooth filling treatment

Anitha: Hello Swetha: hi, why are you closing your mouth while smiling? Anitha: Haa, I have cavities in my teeth and are in yellow colour. So, I got embarrassed to show my teeth. Swetha: Are yar, why are you worrying about it. To get rid off yellow teeth, just go to Ameerpet dental specialities. They […]

Bleeding gums can be a sign of something serious?

What are Bleeding gums? You may believe it or not but yes gums do bleed. It can be painful at times if neglected. Having lived all these years there are still many people in our all-round vicinity who tend to ignore gum problems. Bleeding Gums are a headache for many. It might be a recurring […]

How much teeth cleaning costs in Hyderabad ?

Before talking about teeth cleaning cost in Hyderabad, let’s begin by answering the elephant in the room, What is teeth cleaning? One of the most thought little of procedures that we do in our day by day lives is without a doubt the teeth cleaning. As indicated by numerous kinds of research, it is discovered […]

How much does it cost for teeth whitening ?

Your white and bright teeth are now turning dull and stained? Do not worry so much, it can happen to any of us. It actually does happen to most of us. There are many reasons why it can happen. Smile away because you do not have to stop smiling and showing off your teeth because […]

What is Bad Breath and how it is caused.

Have you ever been to a party where you go to a kid but they start crying as soon as you get close to them? Have you ever been on a date where you liked someone but that first kiss did not happen? Have you ever been to your aunt’s where they all talk to […]

Pain less Root Canal Treatment – Ameerpet Dental Specialities

A common and routinely performed dental procedure is Root Canal Treatment. It is indicated in teeth with deep cavity which are highly sensitive to hot/cold or have developed pain. The procedure ensures that even the tooth with cavity can be saved and restored to function. Basically the steps involved in a root canal treatment involve removal […]

What is Tooth whitening ?

Tooth whitening helps teeth to expel stains and staining. Brightening is one of the most popular dental methodologies since it can improve how your teeth look at a huge level. Most dental specialists perform tooth brightening. Brightening is not a procedure that lasts for a lifetime. It is required to be processed from time to […]

Best Root Canal Treatment – Make painless root canal treatment with lasers

Swetha: why are you so sad? Ankitha: I am getting pain in my teeth. Swetha: Did you go to the dentist? Ankitha: I used cloves oil but didn’t give any relief. Swetha: Go and take treatment in any dental clinic. Ankitha searched in Google for the best dental clinic in Hyderabad and got results as Ameerpet […]

10 Types of dental phobias of patients

1) The needle and the drill: By default, many people are scared about drills and the needles that pierce and go inside the teeth or skin. This phobia is something that is very difficult to control because as a dentist cannot just stop using the Drill. So, the best way to tackle phobia is to sit […]