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Does your tooth need root canal treatment ?

Root canal treatment is a commonly performed dental procedure in a dental clinic. It is advised for a patient who has a deep cavity in a tooth or teeth which is…

Dental Braces Types, Cost of Dental Braces, Hyderabad, India

The current generation is suffering from many dental ailments like dental pain, protruding tooth, gum bleeding, etc. Hence oral hygiene becomes a crucial factor for people. Many dental hospitals and…

What is laser gum color change ?

Laser Gum Color Change is a small surgical procedure done to restore your stained gums. In today’s age, your smile is the most catchy factor that casts an impression on…

What causes teeth to become yellow ?

There are many causes for your teeth to become yellow. Some of them are: Food items: As much as citrus and acidic foods are known to clean the teeth, they…
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