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Granddaughter: Granny blood is coming from my teeth when I was brushing.
Granny suggested precautions for brush and brushing style.
baby, you should take care of 5 things when you are selecting a brush and while brushing.
Brushing the correct way is very important in maintaining the oral health. Most of the people complain about developing dental problems even after regular brushing. This simply means that the efficiency of the technique is not good enough to remove plaque and food deposit being stuck on and in between teeth.
baby, you should take care of 5 things when you are selecting a brush and while brushing.
1) Always use a soft/ supersoft bristle brush. Use of a medium/hard bristle brush is associated with enamel abrasion.
2) Never use a horizontal scrub motion for brushing. Always use a circular motion.
3)Always be gentle while brushing. Do not apply too much pressure.
This can be checked as follows:
If the bristles of your brush get flared up too quickly after you change your brush, then you are probably exerting too much pressure. However, if the bristles are straight even after three months of usage, then your brushing technique is probably faulty.

4) In brushing the role of toothpaste is just limited to flavoring agent, so the brand of the toothpaste hardly matters.

5) The frequency of tooth brushing hardly matters. Brushing once a day is enough if the efficiency is good.
Don’t neglect to meet the dentist once a month. Dr. Sudheer in Ameerpet dental specialties takes about your teeth.
Granddaughter nodded her head and promised that she will definitely go to Ameerpet Dental Specialities and booked an appointment.
Dr.Sudheer from Ameerpet dental specialties treated the granddaughter carefully and given proper suggestions.

We at Ameerpet dental specialties pay a lot of attention in teaching the right brushing technique to all our patients.

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