A healthy smile begins with a child

Children are the flowers in our family garden. It is nice to see lovely kids giggling around. Hence their smile and cheer are very endearing to us. Kids need to be ingrained in some good brushing habits right from childhood. The best pediatric dentist in Hyderabad is from ADS Dental Hospital. The pediatric unit here is well equipped with the state of art dental facility. They take acute care of the kids.

When will kids develop teeth? How should they be taken care of?

For kids, the teeth develop from 6 – 12 months of age. Hence in this period, it is crucial to take care of the teeth. Toddlers are given pacifiers so that they don’t face any teeth or gum pain at the beginning stages.

Children get exposed to many dental issues right from their childhood. Some prominent amongst them are tooth decay, bad breath. Children need to be gently taught the niche skills of brushing. They must be asked to take little time and then brush. Usually, kids hurry, and dental hygiene goes for a toss. They must be given good kids’ toothpaste. Nowadays a variety of flavors like strawberry, mint, etc are available in the market. If you rant or advise them strictly kids might develop fear psychosis. Hence they must be advised gently so that they tend to understand its importance. Also, kids must be made to floss regularly such that bacteria does not develop. Usually, cavities will develop, if not brushed or flossed properly. So twice brushing is a must.

Also, encourage kids to brush with a soft-bristled brush. Also, buy them good toothpaste and brush every 2months.

What can parents do for them to engage them in brushing?

The best kids dentist near me is at ADS Dental Hospital. Select a toothpaste with ACTIVE SALTS. Allow kids to select their toothpaste once they are equipped to do so. Also, change their brush regularly. Take them for a dental checkup to a Pediatric Dentist every 2-3 months. If it gives them dental rashes like on gums then please don’t discourage them from brushing. Please continue to motivate them to brush. Also, keep the brush in a cool airy place.

How can you induce good eating habits?

How to brush with more care?

Gums also need attention. Stay hydrated. Lack of saliva in the mouth is another disturbing factor. Hence attention must be paid to proper dental hygiene. Rashes, ulcers on gums might also develop for kids if they have improper eating habits. The best kids dentist near me is at ADS Dental Hospital. This hospital pediatric team makes sure that the kids are not made nervous. While administering them treatment say for eg Root Canal Treatment they will be administered anesthesia. Kids won’t experience an ounce of pain.

Also, their treatment will be shown on the laptop so that anxious parents won’t feel nervous. Parents need not feel nervous or worried about treatment. Dr. Sudheer Chowdary the ace dental surgeon here is a maestro at providing very good treatment. The Best pediatric dental hospital in Hyderabad is here.


So if you are looking out for kids pediatric care please do pay visit here and avail our services. You won’t be disappointed.

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