1) The needle and the drill:
By default, many people are scared about drills and the needles that pierce and go inside the teeth or skin.
This phobia is something that is very difficult to control because as a dentist cannot just stop using the Drill. So, the best way to tackle phobia is to sit with the patient and explain to him or her that proper pain control techniques will be taken by administrating local anesthetic agents.

2) The fear of pain:
Though over the years dentistry has evolved a not scientifically and pharmaceutically, that not reduce the pain and bleeding but also help in post-treatment healing. The anesthesia has now become very potent in providing the patients very painless dentistry.

3) The childhood bad experience at the dentist:
Many times the fare of visiting a dentist for treatment stems from the painful dental experience the patient had as a child. The impressions and the fear that gets ingrained in childhood, persist for a very long time.

4)  The invasive nature of dental treatments:

This intrusive nature of dental procedures makes it too hard mentally for many patients. They are not able to cross the mental barrier of the fear and thus the phobia for dentists persists.

5) The smell of the dental clinic:
Smell is one of the most powerful sensors for an individual. Good smell creates a pleasant feeling but any bad or hard odour world in the opposite way.

6)Dental extraction:

Tooth extraction is one aspect of the dental visit that most of the patients are afraid of. The sight of the extraction forceps, the fear of removing the truth and the imagination of possible Side Effects make the patients very anxious and scared.

7) Many patients just feel embarrassed:

Many patients are afraid or hesitant to visit a dentist as they feel embarrassed and awkward to exhibit their badly managed.

8)Fear of gagging, choking and infections at clinic:

Many patients are increasingly getting worried and even paranoid of getting infections at Dental Clinic. But any well respected dental practice will never compromise on the sterilization and infection as it will not only lead to a very bad name for his or her practice but potential chances of being sued for millions by the patients.

9) The fear of not being in control:
Visiting a dentist required submitting completely with trust to the treatment. It requires trusting a dentist completely and that can be very tough for many patients.

10)The cost factor money matters:

For some patients, the dental treatment is paramount importance and they place a premium value on it. Such patients won’t mind paying the price if they feel the dentists are providing good service.